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"AHS ANADOLU INDUSTRY and TRADE, which does not compromise on the quality concept of products and services since its establishment, has taken on the role of supplier of OEM companies which has increased production capacity by making the machine park compatible with the developing world technology in KONYA Organized Industrial Zone with the increasing business volume and market share.  AHD ANADOLU SANAYI and TİCARETBİR, having grown up with new projects and investments that will reach the common designer levels with the productivity and environmental awareness studies carried out with their colleagues and in the globalizing competition environment, produced the AHS KARINCA which is Turkey's first domestic belden crushed vineyard and garden tractor supported by Tubitak . The AHS ant is used in a tractor with 30 horsepower, water-cooled Kubato 3-cylinder engine. With 6 forward and 3 reverse gears, Ahs Ant's Tractor provides flexibility with its flexible gearbox and Hydrostatic steering system. The Belden crushing feature provides a narrow return comfort and the constant 4-wheel traction on the Ant tractor provides the ability to transfer 100% of power in all weather and ground conditions. In addition, the AHS ant with double tail shaft is produced with the feature of pressing 4 tires on the slopes of the tractor and presented to the liking of the Turkish farmer. In addition to all these, Anadolu Hydraulic, which increases the product range day by day with AHS KARINCA 300 and 500 SERIES MOTOR MOTOR WITH A NEW APPROACH, It uses its own production domestic AHS 512 MOTOR. 3 forward 1 reverse 4 gear Dry type single disc clutch Two shafts independent of the gearbox and synchronous with the gearbox High handlebar Reverse gear safety system with combined motor stop with engine stop The Ahs Ant's series of motor-driven anchors are offered to our farmers. Fast and gentle service after sales AHS ANATOLIAN INDUSTRY AND TRADE''are one of the most important features of the aftermarket service. Customers who use their products are provided with the services they need within a maximum of 24 hours via the services available at all corners of the country. AHD ANADOLU INDUSTRY and TRADEBOAT, which accepts customer satisfaction as the main priority, routinely trains service personnel. The products it manufactures serve through the sale of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Beet Cooperatives and vendors. İşletmeler için Google ÇeviriÇevirmen Araç SetiWeb Sitesi Çevirmeni"


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