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It is active in manufacturing and marketing of agricultural machinery and equipment.   Our products; It is marketed to many countries of the world besides our country. Customer satisfaction has always been aimed to go further in the light of the efficient working strategy that is held on the front line. The main working principle of our company is based on meeting the needs and expectations of our customers without compromising business ethics and honesty. Our company, acting on the basis of being a reliable institution, keeps the quality of service at the highest level in order to make this principle into corporate culture.   Our manufacturing; Single disc fertilizer spreaders, double disc fertilizer spreaders, solid fertilizer spreaders, tractor trailers and other agricultural machinery and equipment. Having the necessary equipment and equipment to fulfill its commitments in a timely and complete manner, our company always aims to offer the best service and continuously improve customer satisfaction. The main working principle of our company is to meet the expectations and needs of our customers without compromising from business ethics and honesty.


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