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"AKC agriculture, large and small ruminants (cattle, buffalo, sheep and goats) exactly using as raw material to produce organic fertilizer feces was established in 2006. Our company is located in the center of Ankara, Afyon-Bolvadin to produce organic fertilizer factory has solid organic fertilizer. AKC benefiting from the experienced staff and local resources Agriculture is preparing its feasibility report and design of fertilizer plants, construction, installation and operation itself has undertaken. to become operational in 2007, is achieving its advertising and promotion in the market has started to sales through dealers. Since the establishment, equipment and general equipment maintenance and renovation operations were carried out on the machine by being constant. as well as solid fertilizers; Liquid manure production in 2009 AKC in Bolvadin Our company started with organic liquid also increased its product range and production capacity through organo-mineral fertilizer production. Besides the solid fertilizer factory in Afyon-Bolvadin, from 2012 onwards in the production of liquid fertilizer and liquid fertilizer production plant in Ankara there, our company continues to operate in the fertilizer industry, these two factories. AKC agriculture, the results of the study growth made so far, solid organic fertilizer through across Turkey to retailers has taken market leadership in hand, liquid and in sales of organic and organo-mineral fertilizer is an important denominator. Turkey's economy is based on agriculture and the contribution of agriculture to the country's development is an indisputable fact. AKC as agriculture, our farmers, our agricultural potential by subtracting the level of developed countries in the work we have to take the abundant yield. We aim to support both our economies As a result farmers. The best way to handle our land and falls on all of us to get plenty of products is to make agricultural production. AKC Agriculture, keeping pace with the continuous technology innovation and development for all following extensive research and development staff for the progress of the country's agriculture will continue to contribute its share. "


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