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"AKÇA Filter Systems Ltd. Sti. drip irrigation and filter systems in Turkey. Drip irrigation fittings and filter systems are manufactured according to TSE and ISO 9001-2000 quality standards. Akça Ltd. Sti. drip irrigation filtration systems in order to save water, increase the efficiency of the water and reduce the costs; this is seen as the most important inheritance to leave a more livable world to future generations. The company, which is in the field with its high quality production understanding, reliability and continuity principles, focuses on marketing and shipping in our country and world markets and knows the development and service in this subject as a duty to itself. Akça Ltd. The aim of Şti. irrigation industry continues its pioneering position in the sector without compromising its principles of ""Always good quality, best service and reasonable price"" policy. For all your water filtration needs, AKÇA Ltd. Sti. you are always there"


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Akca Filter Systems

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