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"Akcay SAN. TIC. LTD our company has had three generations of the family that founded the company AKÇAY families that deal with agriculture and animal husbandry. Direction. Exchange rate. Bask.lig Maker. Eng. Hasan Akcay serves. - Our company has 200 milking, with a capacity of 400 fattening livestock breeding and seed business in modern-sewn serves modern agriculture land. - Our company has a müteahhid mandate is to do the construction. - Our company, designs Maker. Eng. Hasan Akcay I did it received a utility model by the Turkish Patent Institute, the tractor hydraulic system working with Bale Acquisition, installation, and download that, end attachment changing multi-purpose usable agricultural machinery manufactured etmektedir.ürün our specifications on our website are given in detail. - Our company will contribute to the agricultural and livestock sector in the hope the use of our machines that manufacture health, we wish you success and plenty of wins. With our respects."


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  • Authorized Person: Hasan Akçay

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Akçay Sanayi

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