Akcay Milking Machines

"Founded in 2000, today it is a company that offers innovative products and solutions with a closed area of ??4200m². We make a strong effort to maximize the quality and confidence about production and after-sales services of milking machines and continue Customer Satisfaction-based studies by using human resources effectively. We are as Akcay Milking Machines constantly improving our product range with new designs and techniques and have Certificate of Conformity to Turkish Standards and alsoService Qualification Certificate.We have Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock Agricultural Loan Documents and have the power to meet customer demands and production of versatile qualities. We are as Akcay Milking Machines are proud to serve Modern Animal Husbandry Sector in our country today and in the future in our country today and in the future."


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  • Authorized Person: Yasar AKÇAY

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Akcay Milking Machines

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