Akdeniz Traktör

"Our group company from 1999 Emerald Farm has been operating in the agricultural sector, this valve. Mardin in 2008 Zetor fainted began to serve in the tractor industry. After mid-2009 in 2011 with the aim to fill the gap that occurred with the company Zetor Tractors Tekirdag based Mediterranean undertook distributor in Turkey. customers with high-quality tractor manufactured by Zetor is working to deliver the highest quality products and services. On the basis of ongoing customer satisfaction all the activities of the Mediterranean tractor, as for it, it is performed at high production and research and development activities Impeccable service approach adopted by Mediterranean tractors, to be the best brand in the industry, being ahead of the competition, it aims to be the first company to pioneer and thought."


Akdeniz Traktör, Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Birol Ilhan

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Akdeniz Traktör

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