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"Dear dealers and dear farmers, we have been working in since the seed sector since 2000, in the 15 years we have been operating, we Based on the fact that it is an agricultural country, our country, recognizing the importance of the work we are doing, first of all, one of the most important branches of the agricultural seed sector in NE wE DO ???? We started looking for answers to the question. in these 15 years we have left behind, we need a hybrid work together with many domestic and foreign companies in both standard seeds. The biggest problem in our industry, particularly sales of domestic firms, which make seed germination of the products they need to be put into the package is the fact that they stand behind both in terms of compatibility. Seed farmers need during this time we made our wholesale business, our dealers need so we had many problems and I stand behind the products that no other company makes packaging. It really is 2 years before starting, started our own company as AKG of SEED, we offer GREEN SOUTH brand you our farmers and our dealers, we are left behind with this brand 2 years in both production of the product in that we do need treatment have met with no complaints from us. With each passing year, renewing ourselves, applying more modern processes in seed production and taking into account of climate differences in maternal elections, ESPECIALLY GREEN SOUTH PACK INTO standing behind the SEED we BAYS, with the support of you, we spironolactone continue to serve the agricultural sector. Offers you all our respect, happy, healthy, especially in FERTILE wish a year. AKG The SEED GREEN SOUTH "


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  • Authorized Person: Yusuf Korkut

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Akgen Tohumculuk

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