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As a collective company in 1968, Akgüller Un & Yem, which stepped into the sector with its fuel station, has successfully expanded its service area by commissioning its second facility in 1993. In 1980, Akgüller Flour & Feed decided to manufacture flour to meet the increasing demands of the market, and changed its title as a Joint Stock Company in flour production, which it started with a stone mill.   Akgüller Un & Yem has launched a highly modern facility with a closed area of ​​1,025 m2 on 9,637 m2, which is currently in production, in order to both improve its technology and increase its capacity. The factory, which is currently operating, has a feature of breaking with 10 rolls and 8 tons / hour. Quality control laboratory was established at the same time with the factory that catches the latest technology. The controls of the wheat and flour produced are periodically performed in this factory and stability is ensured in the product.


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