"Our company was first established in 1972 as Akpınar Ticaret for the service of agriculture sector. Until 1997, many international firms have successfully participated in the Konya region's franchise and soon became one of the important institutions of the Turkish agriculture sector. Akpınar Ticaret, who has been working shoulder to shoulder with the farmer for about 40 years, has been able to directly examine the producers' expectations from the wishes, complaints and agriculture sectors. We are aware of the inadequacy of products at reasonable prices and world standards in agriculture sector. We decided that it is time to enter the production sector to make up for this shortcoming and established AKONA Irrigation Systems in 1997. With its long years of experience, AR-GE has been the leader of the sector in Turkey in a short time thanks to its determined and successful employees in domestic and international marketing fields. Today, Turkey's top quality sprinkler heads, irrigation irrigation fittings and drip irrigation products are produced by AKONA. In order to never compromise our quality and ensure the continuity of our product quality, our products are subjected to tests at every step of the production process. We, however, place great emphasis on our after-sales services so that our customers are not victims and that our products can be implemented in the most accurate manner. AKONA, which won 65% of the sprinkler heads industry, proved that Turkey produces the most reliable and long lasting products. With more than 200 customers, it is always nearest to its customers and continues to offer professional solutions in shortest time with its expert staff. Our company attaches great importance to being able to produce products at new prices, high quality and farmers 'prices, and has made it our mission to respond to customers' demands in the shortest time and the most successful way. Thanks to its relationship with the most advanced international companies in the agricultural sector and the AR-GE department with advanced testing equipments, our company has made its way by saying ""We have to do better tomorrow"" design, technology and know-how. Our company, which has achieved world standards, continues to make rapid progress in international irrigation sector. AKONA has proved its success with the quality of world market thanks to the international breakthroughs it has made in recent years and has exported its products to many countries by becoming a wanted brand."


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