"Established in 1989 with the production of spare parts, Akplas started producing clamped rain pipes in 1995, and then, in 1998, it produced the whole of the latch pipes and equipments.                 In 2003, he developed the handcuffed product group, the production of which started to patent the spring clamped product group.                 The round drip irrigation pipe in the agricultural irrigation pipe group in 2004 was 2lt and 4lt; PE infrastructure pipes, which are also important in agricultural irrigation, the infrastructure product of the same year, are between 16 and 400 diameters; AYPE range started to be produced between 16 and 160 diameters.                 As the result of our AR-GE workings in sprinkler irrigation pipes in 2007, we became the first company to produce monoblock (one piece) in all spare parts.                 In 2008, we became leader of irrigation irrigation sector.                 In 2009-2010 we produced sprinkler pipes and spare parts in 50 sizes; 200 and 225 diameters were also produced upon request and our company became the first company in this diameter production. In this period, two production facilities in Osmaniye province have passed activity. In the same year, production of flat drip irrigation group and production of PVC clean water infrastructure have been started and the leader in terms of agricultural irrigation pipe groups has taken the lead.                 Akplas has been producing only new products in the sector with R & D studies that are not enough to make production in the sector.                 With its wide field of activity and strong infrastructure in the sector, Akplas has implemented processes that are strong, creative, energetic and open to innovations, focused on continuous development and productivity, competitive and who believe in the value of teamwork, established in different departments and positions, signed; will always carry this invitation tomorrow and always ... "


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