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"Aksu Greenhouse Fruit Farming Livestock Food Machinery Industry and Trade Co. It was established in 2003.   Kahramanmaras Paper Industry Co., Ltd. One of the group companies are interested in the various agricultural activities until the year 2011, Aksu Agriculture.   In 2011, dairy Imam Kahramanmaras University issued a tender for the right production by Maras-18 and not have taken the right bra-1 production of walnut seedlings walnut varieties and began to productivity.   Our production is done in open fields and in greenhouses in Kahramanmaras centers. Maras-18 and Kaman does not meet the requirements of our country outside BRA-1-1, Sener-1, Seb, native varieties such as Bilecik with Chandler, Franquette, Ferner, in Fernetti, Pedro and so on. Our production is among foreign varieties."


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Aksu Tarim

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