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"We have learned that experience means being like earth. We believed that those who chose an efficient life-cycle for themselves and those who created it would establish an efficient cycle for their country. While it was a piece of land in 1978, we have the happiness of becoming a mainland nowadays. Flowers, floriculture, landscaping, green, plants, trees and shrubs, plant care, homes, cities, even walls, gardens, more than the last technology partnership to work in the past years, always pioneer, we always endeavored to be the leader. Passing through the years, flowers and greenery, dreams have expanded just like our product / production and customer range. And in Izmir in 2004, Bayındır has become a great source of life. Aktaş Plant, carrying its potential to the international field today, has brought innovative approaches to landscape architecture by producing in a wide variety of products ranging from seasonal flowers to tree groups, bulbous plants to bushes, in 10 different facilities, including 50.000 m2 closed and 200.000 m2 open area, mainly in İstanbul and Bayındır. has achieved to add value to the sector has become a giant flower. Aktaş Plant, producing every single city, every park, every piece of land, its special designs and the wonders of landscape, has also become an innovative brand that uses the technology in the best way. The leri BioSaks ”and“ DuvarBahçe S products of the patent are the best examples. Being a brand is a cultural phenomenon, a charismatic stance; Aktaş Plant knows that branding actually lies in differences, innovations and collaborations. He has also reflected on these charismatic moves he has made in product and production fields to his customers and employees. From this moment we know and announce that, Aktas Plant means always, everywhere green, flower means, permanent beauty. We know and declare that Aktas Plant does not produce flowers, plants, green or landscaping, but happiness and happiness. That's why our cactus is very cute, the wall we touch is a garden and the pots are a miracle."


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