I am the pioneer of the firsts and all companies I have worked with are proud to serve as AKUAKA MAGNETIC TREATMENT SYSTEMS INDUSTRY AND FOREIGN TRADE INDUSTRY LTD. and we are proud. Family firms, which were trading in 1971, the company in 1981 and the group of companies in 1995, started production in 2006 and started a brand-new start in 2015 with its innovations. Our productions neutralize rust, salt, lime, corrosion and to a certain extent heavy metals. We also contributed to our productions, which we have previously documented, and brought an extraordinary production to our country. While contributing to our country and the world economy, we are very happy to share with you the rightful pride of being a leading company by making productions that do not harm human, animal, plant and environmental health. The compliment does not suit us, strikes our honesty, appreciation is the result .. What we do is a guarantee of what we will do! Today, tomorrow all over the world, wherever the water passes, AkuaKA Magnetic Purification Systems are always with you, always with you ..


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