Akyildiz Tarım Makinaları

"Akyıldız Agriculture, operating in 1969, is a company operating in the field of Agricultural Machinery. Milk Milking Machines, Dough Mixing Machines, Cattle Breeding Machines and Feed Crushing-Crushing Machines. Sakarya is located in Akyazı District of Kizilcikorman Village in Sakarya, Turkey and abroad with the personnel it employs. Our company raises the product quality according to the developing technology. In addition, we provide after-sales maintenance and service in the fastest possible manner, regardless of which region of Turkey we are in. Akyıldız Agricultural Machinery aims to advertise itself to the whole world through its web site."


Akyildiz Tarım  Makinaları, Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Ali AKYILDIZ

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Akyildiz Tarım Makinaları

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