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"Akyurek Brothers ltd company since 1973, the post-harvest cereals, pulses, oil seeds and produces seed technology machines for the food processing industry. Our machines cereals, pulses, seeds and oilseeds family during harvest Situated dried vegetables and immediately after the products involved in dust, soil, stone, straw, glass, and smaller than the average product as can be separate items external substances like it, less educated, broken, weed seeds, bruised seed or other crop materials such as seeds can also be separate. This separation is most of the crop, to improve the cleaning quality, as done considering length and width and perform classification of the product, the product mass and weight not done considering color i. the machines we are producing our structure with options to suit all budgets and plans, including mechanical or computer controlled as can be adapted in various capacities and cleaned according to the desired product. This removal of sorting grading and packing operations are planned and designed in accordance with the wishes of our customers. Before making a hardware or system proposal, we believe that the objectives and demands of customers is important to understand clearly. We offer great value and service to our customers in the framework of special offer: First, after carefully listening to our customers' concerns and problems quickly, we provide efficient and reliable service to take advantage of our experience from all over the world. demand that the moment for future expansion and to take into account considerations, provides an accurate estimation done, so that our customers can get a budget rationale and snow. Our top priority is customer satisfaction. giving great importance to long-term partnerships, establish facilities for our business partners and we are ready to serve beyond the selling of machines. Akyurek Brothers Ltd. In after-sales in your investment, we will continue to take your side in control of the production system and maintenance. We are a world-service supply of spare parts, equipment replacement, maintenance, analysis, advice and offer training on offer. A reliable partner ... Our customers can rely on us and our services. We know how to create sustainable partnerships with a significant difference between one-off collaborations of outstanding customer service. Good service is always useful and profitable in the long term-and for both our customers and our ... Long-term partners are increasing rapidly growing global market in order to contact one of our partners near you, please ask for our reference list. Our partnership with the company in the national market continues nearly forty years, and thousands of individuals and Turkey to the Ministry of Agriculture is advancing by supplying a large number of seed plants. Thank you for your interest in our organization and our products. We wish you fruitful work and wish to work with your project."


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