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"Alfa Seed located in Central Balikesir - Gönen; It is active in the fields of field crops, industrial plants, feed plants, production and importation of vegetable and meadow-pasture seeds, domestic and international marketing and research and development (AR-GE) for new varieties. It was established with the aim of contributing to the country's economy by producing the highest quality and superior productive seeds with specialized agricultural engineers and presenting them to Turkish farmers and creating markets abroad. With annual production and processing capacity of 25.000 tons of seeds, it is in the effort and effort to be among the leading companies of agriculture sector and continues to work and invest.   our vision   Our company, which operates on a human-oriented basis, is responsible for the welfare and quality of life of the society in the sustainable agriculture sector. to produce the best quality and superior productive seeds by using the latest technologies and to be among seed suppliers and to increase market share in foreign countries.   Our mission   By keeping our reliability on the forefront, we keep cus"


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