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"ALKE Saglik Ürünleri San. and Tic. Inc. veterinary health products production, import and export in 1995 for the purpose of Alke ilaç San. and Tic. Ltd. It was founded in Istanbul in the name of Sti.        Between 1996 and 2002, as a result of licensing of veterinary drugs, importation and production of freight in various production facilities were realized. He founded his own manufacturing facility in Istanbul in 2001 and presented a disposable disinfectant and antiseptic products for pharmaceutical and animal health developed in its own R & D laboratory between 2001 and 2010 by producing it in Istanbul production facilities under GMP standards. More than 80 veterinarians have been licensed and presented with pajamas. Having adopted the principle of giving honest and high quality service to the animal husbandry industry in our country, Alke has always aimed to achieve better and aimed to be permanent in the livestock sector by shaping new developments in classical pharmaceutical company concept.       To meet the increased capacity and market demand, in 2010 Alke started to work on building a new plant consisting of 16000 m2 inland and 4 production facility buildings in Alka Tokat il Organize Sanayi region, which aims to expand its production potential and open to foreign markets. As of April 2011, production has started at new production facilities and they are continuing to work for new product groups to be included in the Alke portfolio.       At the end of 2011, the company's structure was changed to become a joint stock company, Alke Saglik Ürünleri San. And Tic. Under the name of the company has begun to realize the objectives. Starting from 2012, it has accelerated its efforts to become a global company by accelerating its opening and exporting activities to foreign markets.       Alke has built a well-known distribution organization in the Turkish market. At the same time, the drugs produced by Alke are exported to Turkey and to Bulgaria, New Zealand, Turkic Republics, Middle East-Gulf countries.     Alke is planning not only to produce animal health but also to produce products for human health and we are willing to make the most appropriate formulation by producing the highest quality products and delivering them to the markets with the best economical dimension by making the necessary R & D work to our customers in our country and also foreign markets.    We accept the necessity of creating and providing support and programs that can help our customers meet their needs and overcome difficulties.      We are honored to collaborate with universities and scientific circles to create products that will contribute to our country's economy by evaluating the savings in the world and creating our own resources.       Our basic principles are always to offer the product at a high quality, in the shortest time possible to meet the demands of our customers and in a strong, lasting relationship."


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