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"It is among our future visions to provide solutions to our agriculture by continuously developing our team and our production capacity, opening new branches and opening new branches. Our company that develops itself every day in this direction, is moving fast in the near future to become a brand that is preferred over agricultural medicine in agriculture activities in our country. We will continue to be beside the agriculturists with reasonable prices and opportunities, we will be agriculturist and agricultural friendly by following international developments and carrying out ar-ge activities related to these developments. We will continue to gain the satisfaction of our customers and to feel that we are among them because we have produced serials and produced high quality, risk-free products by trying our products to increase soil fertility and healthy food development.   Our mission Alpine agriculture was established in 1996 by the Alptekin Ilgin to produce the ingredients needed by the agricultural sector, to increase the proportion of healthy food, to support agriculture with the common contributions of science and agriculture. We are making the best choices for your products by bringing our scientific studies together with our customers' experiences. It is our main objective to advance Alp Tarım in your sector by including your needs and your agriculture experiences based on long years, to meet the needs of our customers with international standards and quality."


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