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"which was a center of the industry thanks to this feature it allows for the development of Konya in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčagricultural machinery manufacturers. Alparslan pulse of agriculture has become one of Konya's leading manufacturer of all developments closely following the field are taking at the same time with the world. Founded in 1969 and located between the well-established industrial companies Konya Alparslan Agricultural Machinery Industry and Trade Co. Konya 1 Organized Industrial Zone 15,000 m2 of covered 25.000 m2 area is the first day that continues to experience the excitement and activity year 4 Organized Industrial Zone in total with its investments 50,000 m2 open, 25.000 m2 closed new factory and expanding the production volume and quality. Constantly updated technology continues to evolve in this direction and following that with Alparslan Agricultural machinery park, the new laser cutting, plasma and carries the more advanced robot with the power source investments. powerful and fast laser cutting cutting in other industrial organizations with counter it added to its investment in our company following with attention, it engages gitmektedir.hedef the continuous improvement in production and product quality, always with great precision Alparslan Agricultural R & D activities that are defined as achieve better quality. Tractor Front loaders and attachments, Backhoe Loader Backhoe, Combined Grain October Drills, Pneumatic October mibzerikay Chassis Pneumatic Seeder Seeder, Bale Picking Machine and Bale Loading rigs, Pneumatic System Combined Threshing Machine, Spiral Combined Threshing Machine, Shell Divester Combined Threshing Machine, Sap Transportation System Combined Threshing Machine, Tank Systems Single and Dual Band Mobile Threshing Machine performs manufacturing Alparslan agriculture, consumer offers more technological products more comprehensive in every new term. Also this until the year 2000, New Holland Tractors, harvesters and agricultural equipment are the basis of the conduct of the Central Anatolia region of Agriculture new 3S dealership Alparslan Plaza in this area is leading the development of the sector by the year. Products of giving importance to the aesthetic as well as the internal structure of our company, in order to respond fully to the expectations of customer appreciation and constructive criticisms are directed at the production line. In this direction, production and adopting a modern building products Alparslan Agriculture is implementing this structure can be maintained without compromising quality and standards for the development and management. Customer-oriented domestic and Alparslan Agriculture today as a result of the production has an important role in understanding and overseas markets. Morocco, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Greece and Alparslan priority of agricultural exports four corners of the world, especially that of France; The sensitivity to customer satisfaction, to fulfill their responsibility to consumers and society by following the technology has been pioneered in the industry with high quality products. "


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