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"Our company was founded by Nurhan ALTAYOGLU in 1975 as an agricultural machinery manufacturing and lathe leveling workshop. In the following years, according to the needs of the region, pharmaceutical machinery, wire harrow, wheat planting and so on. began to manufacture agricultural machinery. In 1997, ALTAYOGLU AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY INDUSTRY TRADE LIMITED COMPANY has become an enterprise that we have been operating. Production continues in Hayrabolu Organize Sanayi Bölgesi with its 1000 m2 open area and 1950 m2 factory area. We follow the developments in the sector with great care. In all our production, we use standard parts and products. The basic policy of our business is QUALITY production and FAST service. We work with customer focused service and spare parts. Our goal is customer satisfaction first. Altayoglu Tarim Makinalari manufactures Universal Seed Machinery, Mechanical Seed Machinery, Spring Foot Anchor Machine, Wire Harrow, Hydraulic Goble-Diskarov, Stalk Breaker, Heavy Cultivator and Custom Farm Machinery for various regions of our country and Balkan countries. "


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  • Authorized Person: Fehmi ALTAYOGLU

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