"ALTINTAR was established in 1988 in Antalya by Rahmi Büyükballi with the aim of marketing plant nutrition products in general. Leaf dehydrates, drip irrigation dehydrates, plant growth regulators and pesticides. ALTINTAR has worked extensively on the progress of agriculture in Turkey, giving great importance to product promotion and farmer education in all regions. These studies are continuing increasingly. In the years when the drip irrigation system has been widely used in Turkey, ALTINTAR has made a great contribution to the conscious use and widespread use of drip irrigation fertilizers. He has also led the introduction of quality drip irrigation fertilizers and many innovations in agriculture. ALTINTAR LTD always keeps the quality and service in the front plan. Sti. Since 1995, it has begun to import the best quality products of the well-known companies of the world. These products, which give exceptionally good results in terms of increase in yield, quality and durability in the regions where they are used, have great popularity by proving their superiority.   ALTINTAR LTD. Since 1997, in order to distribute these imported products to the whole country, ŞTİ has started to establish regional directorates and give franchisees. Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara, Cukurova and Central Anatolia regions were completed. Apart from these regions, it serves with the head dealer system throughout the country."


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