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"It is located in the Umurlu town of Aydin. Founded by Fahri Altintas in 1950, the firm has made its name by manufacturing plows for fig and olive producers. In 1982, Mehmet Altintas, the son of Fahri Altintas, was active in his company named Altintas Agricultural Instruments - Mehmet Altintas.      In the first period, our company which manufactures spiral, corn grain crushing and coal crushing machines has begun to manufacture three-feed feed mixers in the following periods.    Today, our company produces various agricultural machinery and equipments in its 1600 sqm indoor plant. The machines produced by our company consist of twin screw feed mixers, three screw feed mixers, horizontal and vertical feed mixers, cutter feed mixers and distributors, fertilizer stripping, mixing, pumping systems, liquid manure tanks (separators) and separators for the farms .    Altintas Ziraat Aletleri, which continues its activities in Arge, presents its new products to its customers while at the same time focusing on foreign markets and export activities.    Our company, which has adopted the principle of keeping quality standards at the highest level, offers its customers the opportunity to try their machines free of charge. Thus, it contributes to product development by evaluating the opinions of its customers regarding its products."


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  • Authorized Person: Mehmet ALTINTAS

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Altintas Ziraat Makineleri

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