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"Anadolu Hayvancılık, T.C. Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury was founded by Nurdan Erbuğ in 1996 with the permission of General Directorate of Foreign Investments. From the year it was established, imports of lamb and calf ingredients such as breeding animals, frozen bulls and ram sperm and genetic material like embryo, veterinary tools and equipments, artificial insemination materials, pasteurizator etc. These imports are made in the United States, Canada, Holland, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy and England. Anadolu Hayvancılık Alta Genetics Inc., Koepon Holding B.V., Groupe Umotest, Coopex Montbeliarde, Alpuro Breeding, Van Drie Group, MVE Chart Biomedical, Danish Genetics and Erri Comfort. Anadolu Animal Husbandry is also very active in its training programs and domestic and domestic training programs are organized for sector representatives. Anadolu Animal Husbandry The sales team consisting of veterinary and zootechnicians serves throughout Turkey."


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Anadolu Hayvancilik

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