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"Anadolu Landini Tractor Production and Marketing Inc., in 2017 together with Anadolu Motor and Italian Argo Tractors companies. Anadolu Motor; Operating under the automotive roof of the Anadolu Group, with more than 50 years of experience in engine production and marketing, it is one of the leading companies in the sector. Anadolu Motor, Antor brand engines engaged in the production, as well as manufacturing and importing hoe machines, motopumps, petrol and diesel engine wheels. Argo Tractors, one of the affiliated companies of the Argo Group, has an annual production capacity of 134 years and a production capacity of 22,000 units per year with Landini, McCormick and Valpadana brands in its portfolio. Argo Tractors, a total of 5 facilities located in Italy. R & D and engineering departments company headquarters Argo Tractors, high-tech and robust tractor manufacturing factory equipped with advanced technology and quality control system. Argo Tractors today in a wide range of agricultural complexes ranging from open fields to orchards and vineyards with tractors of 35ede310 horsepower. Since 2012, the Landini tractor distributorship in Turkey, Anadolu Motor yürütüyork that, pursuant to the agreement tractor sales and production in 2017 was transferred to Anatolia Land View. Anatolia Landini, four different models ranging from 50-80 horsepower of the Globe series only in Turkey, producing facility in Sekerpinar, taking both domestic sales in overseas markets. Anadolu Landini, which continues to import Italy from other series in its portfolio, is aiming to localize in these series, Rex, Powerfarm and 5H 2019 in 2019. "


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Anadolu Landini Tractor

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