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"Anadolu Motor, one of the long-established and powerful companies of the Anadolu Group, has been producing engines for a long time under the license of Lombardini, which started in Turkey in the years that it met with modern agricultural techniques. Anadolu Motor is now producing its own brand ""ANTOR"" and exporting engines to nearly 50 countries including Italy today. Anadolu Motor, besides engine production; ANTRAC brand hoeing machines, Antor brand lawn mowers, branch shredders, moto - packar and gasoline - diesel motor generators. In addition to these production activities, Anadolu Motor; HONDA Power Products is the distributor of HONDA MARINE outboard marine engines, LOMBARDINI diesel engines, South Korean LS Tractor, one of the biggest producers of India, SOLIS Tractor and Italian LANDINI Tractors. With more than 50 years of experience, Anadolu Motor has been tasked with presenting advanced engineering products with high quality service understanding. will continue to be with you at all times with the products it produces and imports."


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