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"Istanbul (Karaköy), which is regarded as the center of the wire industry since 2000, also started its activities. In 2009, with the title of ""ANADOLU WIRE TEXTILE INDUSTRY AND FOREIGN TRADE CO. LTD."" In order to improve its purpose and portfolio, it has made a new structuring and improved its activities in Istanbul's two organized industrial zones.    With this structuring; It aims to increase its market share in the wire industry by improving its imports and exports and inventories to meet the needs of its customers. The goal is not only to import but also to improve the production from the stopping point in our country. In line with this national objective; the products imported from abroad are processed and presented to customers. Thus, by making filter systems imported from abroad, the dependency of the suppliers abroad can be stopped to a certain extent. For this reason, the employees have a young dynamic and productive structure ...    It continues its activities successfully in line with the developing face of technology by producing and importing the raw material which is the abandonment of our everyday life without compromising the quality and quality."


Anadolu Tel Örgü, Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Gökhan FURTANA

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Anadolu Tel Örgü

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