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"ANC A.Ş. It was established in 2004 based in Istanbul and operates in animal health and nutrition. ANC A.Ş. focuses on; are the sectors of poultry, small pork, big pork, and cultured pork that meet the animal protein requirement of our country and will continue to prosper in the future. ANC A.Ş. AVICENTER, AQUACENTER, RUMICENTER and FARM AGROMARKET which develop special products and services in these fields. These teams are constantly working to achieve ""technical excellence"" and deliver their products and services to customers. ANC A.Ş. have been transferred to Huvepharma® since March 2015. The activities continue at the same pace as a global company. Huvepharma® is a private organization based in the Bulgarian family of the Domuschiev family. Following the privatization of the world's largest fermentation plants, globalization has begun to work and is among the leading companies in the global market, especially in cosoxiostats, feed enzymes and animal health products. He has further strengthened his position in the market with acquisitions he has made worldwide in the field of animal health. Collaboration with Huvepharma® started in 2004, the founding year of ANC A.Ş. From that day on both our country and the global market, both organizations have earned the trust of our customers and have grown at a rate that is 5-6 times faster than the industry standards they are in."


Anc Hayvancilik - Nutrition, Companies in Turkey

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Anc Hayvancilik - Nutrition

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