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"We are Ankatechnica Ltd. as an incorporated manufacturing and associated of those group companies who have been working as an agricultural machines, site investigation, ground engineering and grouting purposes,AGR is also a pioneer to introduce plastic core trays into the drilling industry to replace wooden or other type of core trays products group manufacturing and as one of the big producer of those manufacturing for domestic and international market since 2018 in Turkey. Ankatechnica Ltd. specializing in agricultural machines, products company plays a major role in these sectors in Turkey and abroad . Please visit to explore more about Ankatechnica Ltd. and view the catalogue of company which is one of the leader agricultural machines, Products: The product range of Ankatech Inc. provides agricultural machines, submersible motors&pumps and drilling Rigs&equipments for mining exploration products for customers with different visual for using in different sectors. Ankatech Inc. is to deliver the most integrated in process solution to support your business goal and enrich your brand message to the sector .You will always be able to talk to your Project executives, customized products and client services."


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Our Products

AnkaTecnica Yilmaz Series Tractor Front Loader supply
AnkaTecnica SLS 900 Fertilizer Spreader supply
AnkaTechnica-SLS 1200 Fertilizer Spreader  supply
AnkaTechnica PM 5 Seed Drill Precision Pneumatic Chassis Seed Drill supply
AnkaTechnica H3 Shaft Sucking Threshing Machine (Move System) supply
AnkaTechnica H2 Knockout Surface Type Combined Threshing Machine supply
AnkaTechnica H1 Dual Band Tank Mobile System Blend Machine supply
AnkaTechnica Dak Others Stepped Foot Electric Motor Driven Screw Conveyors supply
AnkaTechnica BP Tine Shared Pneumatic Precision Seed Drill supply
AnkaTechnica 54 Saved Solded Suspended Bracelet Combined Mixer Machine supply
AnkaTechina H5 Combined BlendMachine Wıth Suspended Squired Shelf supply
Anka-SEM Sesame Seeding Machine  supply
Anka-LM Pulled And Suspended Type Rubber Roller supply
Anka-HM Universal Combine Cereal Seed Drili supply
Anka-DPT Italian Bottom Explosion supply
Anka-Bg Huma Independent Goble Discharrow supply
Anka- DTM Hanger Type Steel Casting Rod supply
Anka Ly Bale Picking and Loading Machine supply
Anka Hel YPS 360 100 Turbo Atomizer supply
Anka Hel P 600 supply
Anka FC P 2000 Turbo Atomizer supply
Anka F Sp 400 Turbo Atomizer supply
Anka F SNP S 800 Turbo Atomizer supply
Anka DZ Tower And Suction Type Discharrow supply
Anka BYK Printed Spring Cultivator supply
Anka BGT Trailed Type Independent Goble supply
Anka B Sp 600 Field Sprayer supply
Anka B HP 600 Field Sprayer supply
Anka AHM Combined Grain Seeder supply
Anka A YTP 1000 Field Sprayer supply

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