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"Antalya Agriculture Inc. In the agricultural sector production, serving a broad range of marketing and consultancy was founded in amacıyla'81. Our company has a team of experts and a wide marketing network with more than 50 agricultural engineers in all disciplines. Marketing and technical consultancy activities in Antalya, Adana, Izmir, Bursa, Istanbul, Adana, Fethiye, Samsun, Amasya and virtuous our branches located in different regions of Turkey, our subsidiaries and the number of today 2000, said dealers and head yürütülmektedir.antaly by our dealers Agriculture Co .; DE Ruiter Seeds is the company began marketing in the greenhouse vegetable seed varieties yapmaya'85 and still continues over a wide area. Many varieties of vegetables are taken to trial by our own staff and seed production of qualified farmers to market conditions. These seeds, Antalya Agriculture Inc. by Turkey's Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea regions, mainly marketed in many regions.   AGROMIR Inc. mainly seed production, processing and marketing as the company was established in '93 in Bursa-Karacabey. Seed production is based on a contract with the experienced technical staff is made to meet the needs both domestic and foreign markets. the investments made in 2005 alongside its kind in modern Seed Processing Plant also offers seed processing and packaging services to other customers. Hybrid according to the open field vegetables and field crops field trials performed on their Turkey assortment of varieties selected conditions. AGROMARK of selected varieties are sold packaged with Agromar brand with their own warehouses and equipment. Precision work after the trial and adoption of hybrid sunflower, corn and canola production and marketing of this kind is done with Agromar brand. Corn and sunflower production also contracted for export to foreign markets, it is among the activities. Agromar Inc. Successfully continues the marketing of vegetable seed North and Central Anatolia. "


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