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"The Antils Inc. the center of Antalya, including Isparta, Burdur and Muğla province directly to the geographical area, Aegean - Karadeniz central anatolia - South and distributor and dynamic şirkettir.aks is active in the marketing of agricultural inputs through the main dealers in Eastern Anatolia, Kumluca, Demre, Fethiye and to reinforce contacts with offices and a large number of agricultural engineers it is always in the service of Turkish agriculture.  1991 Our company was established in the year, the world leader in the first of göstermektedir.bun activities in three main areas Dow Agrossciences company sales generated by pesticides and pazarlamasıdır.ikinc in our field of activity, biological products grubudur.b group biological pollination used for production of bumblebees, distribution, sales and marketing the technical support area dahildir.üçünc 100% Antils Inc. subsidiary of Antils Fide Co.Ltd. Produced by the bee diseases and pests, it is grafted seedlings and flat sales.  Antils Inc. and BIOBEST N.V. Ltd. was established in partnership with BIOBEST Antalya Sti., In 1997 for the domestic market colony production to export our başlanmıştır.tesisi since başlamıştır.2004, domestic and foreign markets bumble bee by karşılayabilmektedir.ayrı during the 12 months of the year the demand for colonies that can meet all the needs of the world, '' bumble bee queen production '' has the capacity BIOBEST as mentioned in our .Yukarı and partnership NV Companies Belgium centered and worldwide in more than 45 countries manufacture and export natural palinasyo of the use of bumblebees, more than 30 beneficial insects in the manufacture and use of agricultural areas in the biological control framework is the world leader in sticky traps and the production of pheromones and threads used in the agricultural field."


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