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"Antonio Carraro is a historic Italian corporation, located in Campodarsego, Padua, Veneto region. Founded by Giovanni Carraro in 1910, it is a worldwide leader in the production of compact tractors for specialized agriculture and civil maintenance. Active worldwide for decades, the company counts with over 450 employees dislocated between the Italian HQ and commercial branches in Australia, Spain and Turkey. The sales network is made of 600 importers, dealers and resellers all over the world. Our corporate mission is based on the following core values: - A centennial history; - A culture of innovation (our R&D Division was established in 1976); - A specialisation-oriented approach; - A production philosophy based on Kaizen principles; - The proven reliability of our products (up to 4-year extended warranties); - High-Quality customer care (a widespread distribution network); - Our corporate size (headquarters and branch offices); - The “made in Italy” brand (all our product components are fully Italian-designed and -built). Building on these values, the company has developed a long-standing customer base throughout the world and today can boast fourth-generation business relationships. Antonio Carraro and its dealers (as defined in the corporate payoff “Tractor People”) share the feeling that farming is an important and noble task, to the extent that it is perceived as a real mission. Around the globe, there are lands to till, vineyards to grow, fruits to gather, towns to clean, snow to clear, grasslands to mow, vegetable gardens to care for, vast fields to plough, harrow and seed. To meet all these needs, Antonio Carraro dealers provide agricultural operators with solutions designed to make their work more profitable and productive, while reducing their fatigue and stress. Our brand logo: the myth and the image of the four rotating horses In ancient Greece, the myth was the “true speech”, that is the narration of the epic deeds of gods and heroes. The logos was the “rational speech”, which epitomizes the power and value of the myth. Similarly, the AC logo with the four rotating horses is meant to symbolize history, power, value and beauty. A modern synthesis of the evolution of agricultural mechanization since the origins of civilization, from the horse to the tractor. It was in 1959 that the company’s chairman Antonio Carraro, a lover of art and history, adopted this trademark drawing inspiration from a Persian graffito of the 27th century BC on display at Boston Museum of Fine Arts. In ancient Greece, this type of graphical representation, named symplegma, portrayed the union of two or more similar figures producing the optical effect of multiplying the number of such figures. A symplegma is a symbol of life, rebirth, evolution and fertility; by rotating the figure around its axis, the observer will perceive multiple images. In the AC logo, there are two horses on the horizontal plane; on a closer view, however, there appear to be two horses also along the vertical axis. This is an intentional reference to the core design concepts of the AC tractors: four-wheel drive, power, multifunctionality (many machines in one), beauty. Throughout the years, the AC logo has been refreshed and revamped several times to keep up with the continuous improvements in the style and design of the Antonio Carraro products. The latest restyling takes inspiration from the Japanese manga style of drawing resulting in sharp, faceted lines that seem to have been sculpted, as if by magic, by sabre slashes. The same magic you feel when you drive an Antonio Carraro tractor. ORIGINS We are a historical family business, leader in the production of multifunctional tractors with alternative and innovative solutions dedicated to market niches. DUTIES Our mission is to provide the best solution to operators who work in the specialized agriculture field, even with extreme working conditions and in the groundcare and roadways sectors. VISION AND VALUES We believe that customers and collaborators community, together with work ethics are our key to success. "


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