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"Ardan Boru, who took the step in the sector in 1985, focused on the wholesale service as the requirement of the customer requests in 2001. It has produced a broad customer portfolio by covering the demands of the sector with products that have spread to a wide range. The pride of being the first company to introduce Aegean Region to ""Sprinkler Irrigation Systems"" in 1988 belongs to Ardan Boru. Ardan Boru has adopted this prudent principle to protect the products developed by the renewed technology every day with the fastest delivery to its customers. Ardan Pipe always regards the position of being the biggest of Aegean Region as supplier of Agricultural-Agricultural Irrigation Systems. In order to protect and develop this special situation, we have established 10.000 m2 storage area. There are complete stocks of Agricultural Irrigation Systems, Building Group, Infrastructure products and additional parts in our world. In other words, there is ""no disappearance"" in Ardan Boru. Ardan Pipe provides service by sending products to every region of Türiye as well as Aegean Region. Ardan Boru has built customer satisfaction for many years with its structure that gives instant solutions to every problem of the people and organizations it serves and is consumer oriented in all production processes and has adopted the principle of developing it every day. "


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