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"Ardent Plastic Inc. HDPE pipes used in construction areas in addition to sprinkler pipes and fittings used in agricultural irrigation systems are among the leading companies in the sector of Turkey which produces high quality pipes and electric pipes in accordance with its standards. . Agricultural irrigation projects (sprinkler irrigation, dripping, pivot irrigation systems) provide services to the customers with infrastructure application project, transport water and drinking water projects and turnkey applications with expert technical team. Ardent Plastic Inc. It started production with PE granul which was established in 1979. Since 1995, it has been producing in irrigation field. By following up the technology developed with professional colleagues and increasing the production with the idea of ??continuous development, TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM aims to provide quality products and services for customers' needs. Today, Ardent Plastik A.S. established its dealer network in all regions and became an international company by exporting to more than 20 countries. Ardent Plastic Inc. special irrigation systems and project works with high quality products, professional and educated staff provides high quality service."


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