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"Ar Grup Makine was founded by İrfan Ermiş in 1975 and still responds to the requests and requests of its customers in the fastest and highest quality in the light of technological developments. We will strive to contribute to the country's economy by continuing to be our customers' largest suppliers in the future as well as today, in line with our core values ​​and sustainable growth target.   As an Ar group, our priority is customer satisfaction, as always, with our difficulty, our never-ending work excitement and our quality that we never compromise. From the first day we went to Yola, with every step we took, we became a growing force in the metal industry. Today, Ar Grup Makine is one of the leading supplier organizations in Turkey with its professional staff and close to half a century of experience reaching 4100 m2 closed area in the industry. Our customers are Automotive sector, Defense industry , Medical sector and Energy sector. We are continuing to serve in a wide range of fields. products, human resources, processes and quality.Ar Group Machine is living the rightful pride of our signatures which we now spend with our endless energy, young, dynamic and experienced employees in this beautiful journey.   In the Turkish economy, which has gained great momentum with the beginning of the 21st century and joined the world's strong economies, our company continues to rise and create new values. The greatest strength of our group in Turkey is based on expertise in fixture and mold technology, the most critical point in the production of parts. Continuing to create employment in the country, our company continues to produce with mold making, welding, robot welding, CNC machining, sheet forming with eccentric & hydraulic presses, laser cutting and bending with the latest technology.   Customer satisfaction as well as employee satisfaction are very important to us. With our knowledgeable and experienced team, our qualified and creative team is working in continuous improvement awareness in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Environmental Legislation and Occupational Health Safety requirements without compromising our quality policy."


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