Ariöz Organik Tarim

"Our company chemist Assoc. Dr.ortağı combined with our 5-year research and development work carried out by studies in universities in the country has gone into production. Our company is an organic soil, soil conditioners, fertilizers and alternative (landless) produces agricultural products. It serves to detect the production of products that are suitable for our country. sources of raw materials of our products are completely organic and natural minerals derived from our own licensed mining area. Therefore, the principle of our company; cheapest and best quality products to offer to Turkish farmers. In addition, white pumice, black pumice, basalt, gypsum (gypsum) and we also sell industrial minerals such as obsidian. ."


Ariöz   Organik  Tarim, Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Halit Ariöz

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Ariöz Organik Tarim

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