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"Armstrong Nursery and Landscape was founded in 2000 in Izmir Ödemiş. Production of 1,500 sqm and outdoor 300 m² greenhouse, including a total of 1800 m² in an area of ​​our company started today, 6,000 m² greenhouse, 1,500 sqm plant packing sheds and in total, including the open area of ​​65,000 sqm into approximately 7 acres of crop production plant It has come.                 At the same time, our country is experiencing the four seasons, different soil structure of each region, climatic features and so on. As biridir.fir on the country's requirements in terms of natural factors, the most favorable in the production of seedlings of our mission, using the favorable conditions for world-class engaged in production with the latest facilities of yakalamaktır.modern our technology nursery in the Ministry of Agriculture control allowing the entire production; Leafy, Ýbreliler, Bush's, Bonzai species, shrubs, herbaceous and instrumental types, semi-dwarf species, some fruit, Palm species, exotic of species of potted on year to 1,000,000 units, besides making the production and rootball'l plant offers to customers demand.                    Arslan seedlings and landscaping customers always its aim to provide better quality services entered only in the production area edinmiştir.sektör, parking and landscaping projects increasing steadily event - the application works, irrigation - the automation works and also to provide services to customers in the construction and road construction başlamıştır.arsl the seedlings and landscaping as our biggest goal is valuable for our people to always do better and always keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.                  ongoing news we published in our current production area of ​​the application site and visit our company in our field, we will be happy to see our work place .. İşletmeler için Google ÇeviriÇevirmen Araç SetiWeb Sitesi ÇevirmeniGlobal Pazar Fırsatları Aracı"


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