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"In 1981, Arzuman Seedling has been operating as a family business, producing and selling vegetables, fields and ornamental plants, and domestic and international sales of these products. Arzuman Tohumculuk, which has been certified by the Private Sector Agricultural Researcher since 2009, has added a new impetus to the name of Sim Arzuman Agriculture Products by adding SIM to its name in 2014. The company is headquartered in Konya, and production and variety development work is called Altınekin '. Our company started to work with the slogan ""Seeds of your future from Arzuman ..."" continues to work on the development of new varieties as well as producing quality seeds of high yield varieties in accordance with the standards. We thank you for your interest in showing us our company, and we wish you profits."


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  • Authorized Person: Selim Arzuman

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Arzuman Seedling

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