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"ASB Sprinkler Irrigation Systems is a company established under the name-pressure drip irrigation systems needed by the agricultural sector since; sprinkler irrigation systems, drip irrigation systems, filter systems, and manufactures a new generation of couplings. Using our state with pressurized irrigation systems within the leading companies in our country, our company is a leader in irrigation products it manufactures and widespread. When handing over of our products and our farmers as well as the end consumer through the dealer channel has contributed to the substantial consumption of water. We made a very useful model innovation, design registrations and who provide our company with patent rights associated with plastic filter system that has developed over the years 2010-2011 is entitled to a patent. Also finished design in the past year, and determined struggle principle, our industry coupling or as a polyethylene pipe contact parts and jewelry called the contact parts of a total of 9 different diameter and 3 are designed in different ways to be able to work under pressure and an average of 700 fame on the form the mold manufacturing facility within the product range have begun with the relevant mold and products mentioned subject in the process of completing testing of its products, it began selling the product commercially in the country. "


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  • Authorized Person: Asb Damla Sulama

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Asb Sulama Sistemleri

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