"According to the industry that As Steel serves, it has casting quarries, molding lines, light processing furnaces, grinding equipments and CNC workbenches with a wide range of sizes and capabilities in its specialized lines. The model designs and production are also done at the model workshop inside the company. As steel scrap arrives at the steel stock area, it goes through all steps that need to be done before it goes out of the factory area, then all necessary quality control processes including radiography are held in As Çelik's own laboratories and all are certified by certified As Çelik employees. As Steel subcontractors do not work with any field. As Steel is only producing steel casting. According to the specific industry, it can cast single piece from 1 kg to 20 tons in its own lines within its own systems and lines working with certain workers. Employing 400 employees continuously in 3 shifts, As Steel sends more than 75% of steel production, which is about 20.000 tons per year, to European Countries. "


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