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Ata Seedling, established as a family company in 1993, still maintains this feature. Ata Tohumculuk markets its seeds and brings them together with its producers through its wide dealership network throughout the country, through agricultural credit cooperatives, beet growers cooperatives and the chamber of agriculture departments. Our company, which exports cereal seeds, contributes to our country by participating in international seed trade. While our company was originally producing as a reproductive enterprise, it has completed its technical infrastructure and personnel employment since 2010, and obtained the Certificate of “Private Sector Agricultural Research Organization” and in 2014, “Transfer of Authority to the Private Sector Laboratory Analysis and Certification Authorization Certificate”. With its partnership agreements with international Seed companies, it offers new varieties of Turkish farmers with superior quality, high efficiency and adapted to the conditions of our country. As of 2010, it started seed improvement by allocating 2% of its turnover to R&D activities. Our breeding project, carried out with the biotechnology method, has been found suitable for support by Tubitak. Within the scope of this project, a generation greenhouse was established in 2016 and a molecular marker laboratory will be established in 2017 and the project will be completed. The purpose of this project is; to develop varieties in a much shorter time than the classical breeding program. Our company aims to offer the seeds of its own species and varieties, especially cereals, to the service of Turkish farmers in the coming years by using the technology in developed countries. Yours sincerely, Ayhan ATALAY


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