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"In line with industry demands and requirements and satisfaction towards the expanding range ATILGAN MACHINE stronger branding with you ... Our company founded in 1960, was founded by Mehmet ATILGAN. the establishment served with wheat harvester. Then in the sector with the manufacturing process has the trust will maintain the continuity and quality .. In 1995, Ismail, developed by Ismet and Hasan ATILGAN ATILGAN MACHINERY LTD. Sti. He was named. In line with demands immediately after the incorporation of mechanical wheat harvesters HUMMEL brand, it specializes in machining parts and hair. HUMMEL prevalence of use and reduction in production capacity of the company's industry expertise with the increase, focused on the manufacture of machinery and spare parts. In this context, advancing our company in 2012 ISO9001 quality management certification and design has received registration certificate. identify the needs, our company has been committed to being your partner, present heating (thermoblock) systems, continues to service the tractor assembly line and spare parts manufacturing and design."


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