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"Company Profile - Mission, Vision and Values AYAZ Kaucuk Plastic and Mold Machine Industry. and Tic. Ltd. Sti. Was established in 1970 in order to produce high quality Rubber and Plastic Parts for various industrial areas and applications. Our company; Although it has a wide range of products, it specializes in the design and production of rubber and plastic parts, especially used in Agricultural Machinery and Automotive Industry. Our cooperation with qualified customers in these sectors has led to the development of our experience and quality and has made us one of the leading companies in the sector. With its high quality and wide range of products especially for Milking Machines and Milking Systems, it has become the leader with 70% of the domestic market and continues to export to many countries. OUR MISSION In the sectors where we operate; Respect to law, individuals and society, economic and moral principles, health, safety and environment as sensitive, to meet the expectations of our stakeholders at the highest level. OUR VISION To be the leading brand in the sectors in which we operate, by prioritizing quality and customer expectations. To become a growing company with new fields of activity that we will add to our company. Moving our potential power to the whole world. OUR VALUES As Ayaz Kaucuk; We act with a sense of justice. We care about business ethics. We're honest and reliable. We are open to change and innovation. We appreciate labor and success."


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