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Our this plough is the model which is prefered by modern farming countries due to its time fuel saving feature. In reversible ploughs number of nuts and bolts on mouldboard are less than on other ploughs. So it lasts longer. As done in all our ploughs; reversible ploughs are made from boron steel, too. You can choose your plough’s working width as you can do the same with its underframe clearence, working depth and inch. Aydın Pulluk, as a producer, who knows the demond a farmers are changing day by day according to product, tractor and type of soil, produces its good according to this and follows up the innovations.Obtaining good product requires good plowing. To do this; andjustment (inch, working depth – working width) should be easy. You can adjust this plough easily. We offer high quality reversible ploughs at a reasonable price In order to compete with EU, global farmers. We make it easy for our farmers to reach modern agricultural uquipment by making the prices low. Our reversible ploughs are easily adjusted to all the tractors from the lowest to highest hp. You can use our ploughs easily no matter the soill type or product type is. You can easily find what you look for at Aydın Pulluk; who has got a big range of product. Even more, ploughs are produced in different types and inches according to demonds for different tractor and type of soil.


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