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"about us Since 1993, Aydinlar Madencilik has been established on the 35th kilometer of the Izmir - Ankara highway and is based on its own land of 1,500,000 square meters. Our company operates in construction sands, industrial sands, landscaping products and organic fertilizer sectors. We continue our way by enlarging our goals every day. General users of the sands produced on sectoral basis; construction sector, pool industry, construction chemicals, sandblasting firms (rasp), carpet sand, papier mache, textile industry washing and dyeing (rodeo sand) companies, as a world of sand and branded as a quality and fan, with about 20 different products It caters to customers. Aydinlar Mining, which has a wide production range; With its technically equipped, knowledgeable and skilled employees who are experts in their field, they maintain the world standards that they have achieved with technological development, progressive company structure and stance. In order to ensure the satisfaction of its internal and external customers, and to advance the world standards it has achieved, the methodical accuracy principle of the product development laboratories at all levels, and the local and special optimal solution suitable for all conditions are produced. Aydinlar Madencilik, an R & D company, is an information center with its professional team and experience. The aim of Aydinlar Madencilik based on a system approach; quality products, sales and service."


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