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"We care about our business ... Our company started to produce agricultural machines and irrigation systems in 2005. Firstly, classical model production of hand-harvested beet harvesting machine. Then we have developed the model that is attached to the tractor towing arrow AD1500. For the first time in the direction of R & D studies and customer requests, the AD1500 hydro-electric automatic model was created. However, AD200 BANTLI has started to produce full automatic remote control models with hydro-electric. In addition to the production of beet harvesters, our company is also engaged in sugar beet production. In 2006, DAMLA IRRIGATION FILTRATION SYSTEMS started to be produced in various models and systems which will be accepted as future shrinkage system by taking into account the decreasing water reserves in 2006. In 2007, our company started to produce V-TYPE PISTON GOBLI DISCOLO and presented a handy new model to its user with its unique full notch model. Also ; hydraulically controlled tractors, our company engaged in the manufacture of rear cranes ""UNCONDITIONAL CUSTOMER EVEN the"" prioritizing ""QUALITY SERVICES, STABILITY IN QUALITY"" is valuable whether to continue on its path with understanding and slogans together with our friends and customers will serve turkey and TURKISH FARMERS ..."


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