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"AYSAN, which was born in 977, has become one of the leading organizations in Turkey and in the world in the production of agricultural tools and scissors. TURKEY SPRINGS AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY INDUSTRY Supplier of AYSAN TRADING COMPANY has just limit in Izmir-Turkey continues for the agricultural tools. Aysan branded products, since many years of experience and a strong quality control system is a product that has become a leading brand and since the beginning. Eliminating this brand is a quality conception Our products, which are reached and branded, are reached with + -5 oC deviation in our facility where temperature control system anneal furnaces are located. Aysan continues its activities starting from the introduction of raw materials to maintain its production and focus on absolute customer satisfaction. Cultivator, Tiller, Chisel, Dipkazan Standard product groups; spring-loaded vehicle, multi-legged subsoils and grass / shredder machines were also added. Rotatiller, rotovator machines and spare parts are available. In addition to the temperature measurements performed at each stage in the heat treatment lines, stiffness measurements were made after the annealing and tempering. Stiffness distribution is in accordance with standards. The force measurements on the finished products are carried out on a timely basis and are kept focused on the traceability. It is very important that only precision-slice farm machines experience fatigue in all types of foot groups. In other words, the meaning of the conditions in the field is written on even more severe feet. Aysan has adopted the principle of establishing an industry leader in the agricultural machinery sector with an increasing momentum in customer focus."


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