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Cattle farming as old as human history is a means of livelihood. Currently, this sector continue the families living in the world are available. With developing technologies in this sector is now to renew itself more healthy, rapid and efficient production of milk and meat remained obliged to do. Because only self-sufficient to obtain milk and meat producers who no longer animal husbandry produce more revenue by selling and then have to go to the road. Switch to a more professional way than individual production was particularly visible in cattle farms have been increased. Cattle farming, manufacturing equipment due to the time, which saves the cost and effort, has become much easier and more profitable. Cattle production equipment for manufacturing in 1987, established AYSAN MACHINE In this sense, the first of the sector was still within its structure to design and manufacture the automatic drinker, a dormitory with the name of the other station systems, automatic lock-out, automatic manure scraper, fertilizer blenders, fertilizer unloading pump and complex systems of fattening farms were available to breeders.


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