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"Our company is located in the middle Black Sea region and was founded in 1969 by Selahattin Ayyildiz in Tokat as an agricultural machinery manufacturer. Initially, small diameter plow and trailer, Kazayagi was produced. With the participation of the young generation of the family in 1974, a wide range of threshing machine was started. In the transition period of our country to agriculture, it has played an important role in the transition of mechanization of agriculture with scientific and technical experience in cooperation with agriculture faculty research institutions especially agriculture. One of the important points is to keep in touch with the farmer and to do the best for the high quality and robust construction of suitable agricultural machines nationwide. Our company manufactures various products such as threshing machine (patoz), winged mower, mower, potato dredge machine, fertilizer spreader and has received a positive report. At the same time, our company has made necessary attempts especially for the sample trying to market the products in the middle east and has achieved a positive result in the tests of the sent machines. In order to give the same result to the qualification and practice in the tests and tests in all kinds of tests and tests of our company, our service teams run our farmer in a timely manner to make sure that our farmers work properly as they do the adjustment, maintenance and repair of our machines. Our company's superior manufacturing technology, care and meticulously manufactured, like all the dormitory in abroad, with 44 years of experience in the service and careful service to serve our farmers. Our company entered into a new restructuring process in Istanbul in the first quarter of 2001 and with the aim of contributing to the economy of the country, by opening a branch in Imes Industrial Site on automotive sub-industry and machining, it continues its works by expanding its production range with CNC technology conforming to world standards. We have registered our quality with ISO 9001: 2000 certificate. With 44 years of experience and quality first, our company is proud to contribute to city and country economy."


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Ayyildiz Tarim Makinalari

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