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The Floriddia organic farm is located in Tuscany between the Pisan hills of the Valdera, 16 km from Peccioli and 5 km from Villamagna di Volterra, on 150 meters above sea level and covers about 300 hectares of land. He was born in the 60s with his father Giuseppe Floriddia, a Sicilian, and his mother Sabia, an Abruzzese, gradually developing with the work and dedication of his two children Rosario and Giovanni. In 1987, the conversion to the organic farming method began, until 2006, when the seeds of old varieties were sown and until 2009, the year from which only ancient cereals were then grown. In 2006 the first artisan stone mill starts operating. In 2010-2011 the definitive stone milling plant was built, equipped with a cutting-edge selection and cleaning system for cereals. Of course, stone-ground flour has characteristics of excellent perfume and quality thanks to the careful and scrupulous work of its miller: Giovanni Floriddia. Rosario Floriddia mainly deals with the selection in parcels of the various cereals of old varieties and the subsequent cultivation in the field. At the same time, the artisan pasta factory and the wood-burning oven are made for the production of organic pasta with wheat germ, bread and other sweet and savory baked goods. Invia commenti Cronologia Salvate Community


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